Be Our Co-pilots and make Honey!

Ever wondered why The Queendom of Plomari doesn't put together an unusually vast world wide program vaster than ordinary scientific establishment and call it the great Plan of The Strawberry Queendom of Plomari sort of as if we did 129 years ago and you just didn't know about it until now?

Are you seriously like so fucking skilled at what you do that you're like fucxking the most skilled in the kinking universe and you cant find anything or anywhere in the human world where you can satisify yourself and truly express your Godly powers? Then you're like us of the Subnatural Strawberry Team, come fuck a snake with us and be our co-pilots.

Are you simply so passionate about what you do that you give your whole soul to it and spend all your time doing it? Or do you wish that you could spend all your time doing it? Well with us in The Queendom of Plomari there's always a place for you where you can give your passion full expression, whatever it is you do! Or, do you maybe not yet know exactly what you want to do with your time? O that's no issue, come fuck a snake with us and maybe you'll get inspired! Or, need an endless vacation, even? All we ever do is chill on vacation so join us for some time on the beaches of Pink Gem Lagoon and just sip an PiƱa Colada with us and the Seven Sisters of Plomari.

Or, can you coordinate 5 million details in your head at once without the aid of a computer? Or is it more close to 50 million these days? What ever your skills and passions are, or if you feel like you sort of want to explore and try new things, you'll find yourself at home in the Queendom of Plomari.

Salery? At the moment, no salery at all - in terms of money. We'll pay you in Honey, as we all make Honey! We are all free, and we all find our own ways to generate our money, and we work together as the vastest network of soulbrothers and sisters the universe has ever seen, and we weave and we share all the Honey! But in the near future when the Queendom truly goes live and public, we will as a Family find our new ways to generate money. Together, in SYmbioSIS.

Welcome home. And don't hesitate to contact us.


Snake licks and tickles,

from us of The Strawberry Queendom of Plomari